Shofar *Limited Edition* Giclee Print

Shofar *Limited Edition* Giclee Print
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*Limited Edition*

As the title suggests, the composition and color coordination is based on the traditional jewish practice of blowing the shofar.The artist is known for his "cabbalistic" journeys, and this image belongs to the series of his mystical series of "musiciansd", aimed to interpret visual mystisism of the sound. Music, when composed for the purposes of the revelation and meditation can also be interpreted via color and shape in order to produce the same uplifting effect.Note the reflection in the water, symmetry and asymmetry of the composition, number of stars, male and female theme, and consequent color composition - "cool" and "warm", Green Vs. Red relationship. The picture is designed to be explored and interpreted as a kind of Tarot Card.

This image was created in the style of stained glass, an innovative approach to stain glass imagery, developed by Michael Korosty and his Art & Design Studios, in NYC. This limited edition print is offered for your viewing pleasure to be hung on a wall, displayed on the table top, or assembled into a large window, when different images are used as tile units.

Each print comes Singed, Numbered with Certificate.

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