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Art & Design Studios, Inc. was established in 1998 and we’ve been professionally involved in graphic design and fine arts industry for over four decades now (1973).

In 2008 we had a new idea, how do we offer a much better online service, experience and new affordable prices? This thinking took shape forming, and yes we are still Family owned company based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Fresh ideas in, high-end concepts in Stained Glass Imagery, Drawings and Paintings, our key collection is Stained Glass imagery, created in the style of stained glass, an innovative approach to stained glass imagery, developed by Michael Korosty and Art & Design Studios, Inc., in NYC. Michael Korosty is known and active in Europe (collected in Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, New Zealand, Holland, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Greece, Australia) and USA - New York. Exhibiting and working in NYC. Listed in "Art In America" magazine - most authoritative art publication in USA.

Featured Art Work By Michael Korosty.

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